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Vasssalboro Trails:

Vassalboro Wildlife Habitat

Davidson Nature Preserve

Annie Sturgis Wildflower

Vassalboro Community School

Spectacle Pond

Vassalboro Town Forest



- Town of Vassalboro

Vassalboro Community School Trail

Vassalboro Community School and Town Conservation Trail Webber Pond Road

(Located behind the Vassalboro Community School south of the athletic fields. A kiosk marks the entrance off the baseball field)

This 0.4 miles walk will wind you through the grass into the woods and over wetlands.  Take the time to see the variety of plant and animal life, hear the sounds that break the stillness and feel the textures of leaves, bark and wood.  Note the outcropping of Vassalboro schist.

Motor vehicles and bicycles are not allowed.  All dogs must be leashed.  Hunting and shooting is prohibited

school trail

Contact Information: Vassalboro Community School